Fuck rap, I’ve been rich, crack by my stick shift

I just don’t know what to do. Theres all these better guys for you. I am slipping. And its getting harder and harder to hold on. The stuff we do is all against each others opinion. You seem like i just don’t matter. You wanna do your own thing without me, you’d rather. Honestly I’m trying to stay strong. But everything i do and you do is just all wrong. All we do is fight. We tend to only talk at night. Not even one text during the day. There are those things i know we choose not to say. I know i don’t wanna hear it either. If i did it gives me that sick feeling like a fever. Stomach in knots. Weather to confront, or not. They say distance make your relationship stronger. It looks like its just pushing us even farther and farther. You’re hanging with all these dudes. Doing things that i don’t want you to. And you say that’s the real you. Why did it come out so late? You didn’t seem like the one who does that on our first date. I guess i really never knew the real you until now. Wow/:

Woah i just found some shit from freshman year


True Thoughts


when u start to realize she kinda annoying

#NationalSiblingDay @amandamayy23 you the bruh


A Tribe Called Quest


Saying “if I can just get through this one thing, it’ll all be ok” is never an accurate perception because life will continue providing you new bullshit and challenges to deal with until the day you die.